10 Trends That Shaped The Solar News In 2013

Originally appeared in Solar Power World Magazine Yann Brandt, SolarWakeUp.com Yann Brandt, solar entrepreneur and proprietor of SolarWakeup.com analyzed the results of the most-clicked stories of 2013, courtesy of the web results from his daily roundup. He noticed 10 trends that shaped this year’s news. Here’s what he found. Solar trends are driven by content generated by the solar energy professionals and news coverage about the solar industry. The top 10 trends that shaped solar news in 2013 affect everyone in the solar industry. The news trends improved in 2013 with more positive solar data being covered by [...]

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Can Gender Profiling Help YOU Expand Your Solar Business?

Originally appeared in Solar Power World Magazine Have you identified the consumer profiles of your female solar clients? Tinesha Craig, director of the i-on-Women division of Insights in Marketing in Chicago, has spent much of her career working with brands to help them market to women, including General Mills, Kraft and PepsiCo. Released Dec. 4, 2013, her firm’s new e-book, Getting Women to Buy: Better Insights to Transform Your Marketing, provides valuable information to marketers about what women want and how to give it to them. “One thing has been consistent in my career: Most companies market to women [...]

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Do Women Actually Lead The Way On Home Solar?

Post originally appeared in Clean Technica The common assumption in the solar industry is that men are the ones who drive solar purchasing decisions. I think I’ve seen two surveys that came to this finding, but the one I’m able to recall for sure and find is a 1BOG survey from 2011 or 2012. The 1BOG survey polled 200 solar homeowners. It found that, among married couples of the opposite sex, “the first person in the household interested in going solar” was male 68% of the time, female 11% of the time, and both/neither/other 21% of the time. [...]

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