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Campaign Creative Marketing Solar Webinar

"Presenting Your Best: Marketing Campaigns and Creative Content" is the third session in the ongoing "Build It Bright" marketing solar training series by Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 working with Energy Trust of Oregon. This webinar was focused on campaign priorities and creative development. We utilized a recent "Follow the Sun" consumer directed campaign developed for AllEarth Renewables to demonstrate the fundamentals of moving from customer persona development to targeted campaign creative content.  Attendees learned how to use a customer persona development process to "talk directly" to their most important customer demographic groups.  The webinar then walks viewers through [...]

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#MarketingSolar Podcast: Website Development

Introduction Welcome to the Marketing Solar podcast series. I'm Glenna Wiseman of Identity3. We are working with Energy Trust of Oregon on this Solar Marketing Training Program, designed to help solar contractors reduce their marketing and customer acquisition costs. This program topic is: Demystifying Solar with Consumer Friendly Website Fundamentals. It features two guests who can speak with authority to these important aspects of website development, Marci Marshall and Ben Waldron of Pollinate. Located in Portland, Oregon, Pollinate works with Energy Trust managing their website presence. They have been demystifying solar and energy language for consumers since the [...]

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#MarketingSolar Webinar March 24

For more information see the article published on Energy Trust of Oregon Insider Blog. This month the #MarketingSolar training series tackles campaign development with the “Presenting Your Best: Marketing Campaigns and Creative Content” webinar on Thursday, March 24 at 11 a.m. Energy Trust of Oregon launched this solar marketing training series in January 2016 for installers as part of the nonprofit’s ongoing efforts to reduce solar costs and increase solar installations in Oregon. Previous webinars helped solar installers articulate company competitive strengths and identify key customer types.  This month the program will focus on targeting customer segments through [...]

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