Marketing Resources for Solar Contractors available now on HeatSpring

Energy Trust of Oregon support for Build it Bright brings tailored trainings to local contractors and installers PORTLAND, Ore. — September 20, 2016 — Solar contractors can now find the training series, “Build it Bright! Crafting Your Solar Marketing Program,” on the popular educational platform, HeatSpring. Energy Trust of Oregon made the solar marketing training series available for solar installers earlier this year as part of the nonprofit’s ongoing efforts to reduce solar costs and increase solar installations in Oregon. By offering the training series on HeatSpring more contractors will now have access to them. HeatSpring is an [...]

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5 Tips to Rev Up 2015 Solar Marketing with Consultants

Few companies have enough talent on board 365 24/7 to actualize all their marketing goals. This is particularly true in the global solar industry, where budgets and human power will be stretched to the limit in 2015. A solar industry marketer since 2007, my experience informs these tips to help you rev up your 2015 solar marketing initiatives. This discussion centers on how best to use consultants to augment your marketing capabilities. There are many advantages to hiring the right marketing consultant.  Some of these include: The right marketing consultant can fast track your initiatives, tackling priority assignments [...]

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Solar Marketing & PR, Live Talk Solar Radio, June 4, 2013

Join a live conversation, Tuesday, June 4, 9:30 PST on Talk Solar featuring Glenna Wiseman, founder of Identity3 and solar industry marketing veteran.Seasoned blog talk radio host, Beth Bond, will facilitate the discussion on “Solar Marketing & PR.” Information to listen and join the conversation can be found here: Solar is an established part of the national dialog. With 65% of Americans supporting solar, Beth Bond created, Talk Solar, a live format internet radio program. The show features solar industry policy, technology and installation information for solar power systems for home owner roof tops to gW utility [...]

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#SolarChat Recap: Solar Marketing & Public Relations

The May 22, 2013 #SolarChat session was a breakout on a popular topic from a past chat. Its specific focus on Solar Marketing & PR made it a quick-paced, well-attended chat that was abundant in discussion, insight, and ideas. Continuing our "streak," #SolarChat trended on Twitter for the majority of the hour thanks to more than 130 participants that resulted in 2.5 million impressions. Not to mention the esteemed group of panelists: @GlennaWiseman, a 5+ year marketing veteran of the solar industry & founder of Identity3; Laura Finlayson (@PowerMyWorld), Vice President of Schwartz MSL San Francisco; Jill Hansen (@JillFive), [...]

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PR Primer for Solar Panel Installers

PR Tips to Build Your Solar Company Update May 24: #SolarChat, May 22nd, was an Twitter trend success, generating 2.5 million impressions. Check out the great Solar Marketing and Public Relations tips in the recap! By Glenna Wiseman Founder, Identity3 PR Primer for Solar Panel Installers - Identity3 May 2013- Downloadable PDF Over the last nearly 6 years in the solar industry I’ve experienced an evolution in the use of PR to drive marketing initiatives and business growth. Singularly the press release stood as the focused vehicle to drive media visibility. The opportunities presented by today’s web environment [...]

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Solar Marketing and Public Relations, #SolarChat May 22, 2013

Join us for the next #SolarChat, May 22nd, when we will hold the second breakout discussion inspired by our March 11th #SolarChat on marketing, PR, and social media engagement in solar. This chat will be dedicated to exploring Solar Marketing and Public Relations. Raina Russo (@EcoOutfitters and @ChatSolar), #SolarChat’s founder, will be joined by Glenna Wiseman (@GlennaWiseman), a 5+ year marketing veteran of the solar industry and founder of Identity3; Laura Finlayson (@PowerMyWorld), Vice President of Schwartz MSL San Francisco, a premier PR agency for technology and healthcare; Jill Hansen (@JillFive), USA Marketing Director of Talesun Solar USA; [...]

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