Social Media and Digital Marketing for Solar Companies

This article first appeared in Solar Power World Online! By Aimee Tuck of Corbae Creative and Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 Anything that is digital, anything that has a pixel attached to it—from social media, to email marketing, to paid search engine marketing—can be tracked. From a business perspective, this is one of the great benefits of our digital age. Using just a few tools, it’s possible to track which customers are interacting with your business, on what platforms and in what ways. With January just around the corner, we’ve compiled a few tips to make the most out [...]

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Marketing Resources for Solar Contractors available now on HeatSpring

Energy Trust of Oregon support for Build it Bright brings tailored trainings to local contractors and installers PORTLAND, Ore. — September 20, 2016 — Solar contractors can now find the training series, “Build it Bright! Crafting Your Solar Marketing Program,” on the popular educational platform, HeatSpring. Energy Trust of Oregon made the solar marketing training series available for solar installers earlier this year as part of the nonprofit’s ongoing efforts to reduce solar costs and increase solar installations in Oregon. By offering the training series on HeatSpring more contractors will now have access to them. HeatSpring is an [...]

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Webinar Marketing Success How To’s

These five pointers will help you prepare effective webinar content, promote your event and leverage resulting content to ensure you get the most mileage out of your webinar investment. To avoid typical webinar mistakes use these five tips to create successful webinar based programs. 1.     Map to Company Goals Mapping your webinar to company marketing and sales goals will help ensure your time and resource investment pays off handsomely. Goal setting should include clear identification of your target audience and why this audience is critical to the company’s initiatives.  Describe who the target audience is for the webinar [...]

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The 2015 Social Media Imperative

SalesForce "State of Marketing" reports social media as a 2015 marketing imperative; Tips to ignite your social media marketing. By Glenna Wiseman, Identity3, Social media is a 2015 marketing imperative for marketers around the globe. Over 5000 marketers contributed to findings in the recently released SalesForce “2015 State of Marketing Report” (free, opt in). The report shines a light on social media as a top concern and spending priority. Globally social media took the top 3 slots for increased spending allocations: Of those marketers using social media, the report charted these insights: 66% of marketers believe social [...]

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5 Tips to Rev Up 2015 Solar Marketing with Consultants

Few companies have enough talent on board 365 24/7 to actualize all their marketing goals. This is particularly true in the global solar industry, where budgets and human power will be stretched to the limit in 2015. A solar industry marketer since 2007, my experience informs these tips to help you rev up your 2015 solar marketing initiatives. This discussion centers on how best to use consultants to augment your marketing capabilities. There are many advantages to hiring the right marketing consultant.  Some of these include: The right marketing consultant can fast track your initiatives, tackling priority assignments [...]

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How to Reach and Acquire Residential Solar Customers

This post originally appeared on PV Solar Report. In residential solar, one thing is clear: we need to understand and listen to the customer. That may seem like obvious advice in any industry, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Solar customers come in many flavors. And based on what we heard from a panel on the subject at Solar Power International last week, most solar companies are not paying close enough attention to them. Reaching customers — education is key Nowhere was this better illustrated than with some highlights from extensive research by panel moderator Paula [...]

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National Coalition Launches Solar Day of Action

Over 30 Groups and Millions of People Join Together to Celebrate Solar WASHINGTON, DC (June 20, 2014) -- This Saturday, the longest day of the year, millions of Americans will participate in the National #PutSolarOnIt Day of Action to show support for solar across the country. The day was organized by a national coalition of more than 30 leading environmental and energy organizations. Sixty-five events are registered and tens of millions of people will be reached online. 2014 has been a breakout year for solar. Solar power was the leading source of the nation’s new energy capacity in [...]

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Answer These Three Questions To Build An Effective Solar Social Media Campaign

This post originally appeared in Solar Power World Magazine. Lance Brown Solar Power World Lance Brown / Community Manager / Solar Power World Social media can have a profound effect on your solar business. Ask Jim Jenal. He and two colleagues started Run on Sun, a commercial and residential solar PV installation company based in Pasadena, Calif. (and a Solar Power World Top 250 Contractor), in 2006. Since then, the company has amassed 20,000 Twitter followers on @RunOnSun. Jenal says when Run on Sun releases blog posts or announcements on social media, the impact is immediate [...]

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