Women: The Most Important Residential Solar Customers

Originally posted in SolarFeeds What do women want from a solar sale? This is not a trivial question. As competition increases in the residential solar market and the industry works to lower soft costs like customer acquisition, it’s becoming all the more important to better understand the market. Women, it turns out, are a key part of that market. Why women? According to leading expert on marketing to women Marti Barletta, women initiate 80% of home improvement projects. These controllers of the family budgets are the CPOs, or Chief Purchasing Officers, of the home. Shining a solar marketing [...]

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#SolarChat: Serious Solar Networking at Your Fingertips

Identity3 quoted in PV Solar Reports Networking on #SolarChat provides a solar community with a shared mission, information, and resources — without even leaving your home or office. Consistently trending on Twitter and averaging 4.5 million impressions each time, #SolarChat is the cool party everyone wants to go to. Where can you find a solar community with a shared mission, shared information, and shared resources — without even leaving your home or office? All that and more are packed into one quick hour a month at #SolarChat, a virtual networking opportunity hosted by Raina Russo. #SolarChat is a Tweetup, or [...]

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How to Market Solar to Women

Reprint of PV Solar Reports Article By Rosana Francescato Women control 80% of household spending. And women spend a lot of time on the Internet. But many women feel misunderstood by marketers. To gain insights on how to market solar to the keepers of household budgets, Raina Russo and Glenna Wiseman have been conducting the industry's first woman-directed survey. At Solar Power International last week, they unveiled their findings. There’s a lot of discussion in the solar industry these days about how to reach consumers. With less than 1% of power in the U.S. coming from solar, we’re [...]

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How to Harvest Customer Insights to Attract More Clients

By Glenna Wiseman Founder, Identity3 How to Harvest Customer Insights to Attract More Clients - Identity3 - Sept. 2013- Downloadable PDF Your current customers hold the key to attracting more clients like them. I’m not talking about a survey, although surveys are certainly valuable data gathering initiatives for customer feedback. The type of deep listening I’m referring to is called customer profile or client persona development.  It is a systematic approach to insight gathering born out of personal interviews with clients representing a segment of your customer base. The insights gained in this interview and reporting process will yield [...]

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Bill Nye, The Science (and Solar) Guy, Celebrates a Comeback!

Bill Nye, known to millions as “The Science Guy” celebrated what ABC News called “a comeback” this week. Acknowledging his 20 year anniversary of being on the air, ABC Evening News named Nye as Person of the Week in its 6.21.13 broadcast. The coverage included footage of his appearance at the Iowa State University graduation ceremonies earlier this week covered by New York Times, in the article, “Firebrand for Science, and Big Man on Campus.” Image credit: Disney Publishing Worldwide Today his new app was named “App of the Week” by the technology review section of [...]

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