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Marketing Solar to Women – #SolarChat, November 13
Join the important discussion about what women want to hear when it comes to solar marketing. Raina Russo (@EcoOutfitters), #SolarChat’s founder, and Glenna Wiseman (@GlennaWiseman), founder of Identity3, will be joined by Marti Barletta (@MartiBarletta)  the nation’s leading expert on marketing to women,  Leah Segedie (@Bookieboo), founder of Bookieboo LLC, and Rachel Ferrucci (@BlogRConnection), owner of The Blogger Connection.

Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women – Solar Central at Solar Power International – October 22, 2013
What are some best practices for educating female homeowners about solar? Today, women control up to 80 percent of the household budget. This presentation will show how the solar industry can improve and expand upon marketing to female homeowners and moms. The presentation will include fresh insights from the industry’s first ever female-directed survey. Featuring: Glenna Wiseman, Identity3 Raina Russo, #SolarChat.

Where Are The Women On Solar? TalkSolar – Blog Radio – October 15, 2013
Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 talks about a first ever women oriented solar survey on TalkSolar Radio.  A cadre of solar industry professionals, prominent mom bloggers and leading brand marketers recently announced the survey which reaches out to female homeowners and mothers to understand their communication preferences related to solar.

Commercial Solar Seminar – Sponsors: OC Register and KDOC TV – September 17, 2013
Glenna Wiseman joins a panel of experts in an educational forum for commercial property owners in Orange County.  Hosted by the OC Register and KDOC TV, the seminar includes a representative of Southern California Edison and Rick Bishop of WRCOG and the HERO Commercial program.  Glenna will address marketing your solar investment.

How PACE financing is shaping solar – TalkSolar – Blog Radio – September 3, 2013
Glenna Wiseman joins host Beth Bond to discuss the status of property-accessed clean energy (PACE) financing for solar clean energy retrofits in the U.S.  Glenna recently authored an update for the solar industry in Solar Power World Magazine.

Solar Marketing and PR – Talk Solar – Blog Radio – June 4, 2013
Solar is now an established part of the national dialog. With 65% of Americans supporting solar it’s time to Talk Solar. Join seasoned Blog Talk Radio Host Beth Bond of Speaking of Green as she focuses on her favorite topic solar.

Solar Marketing and Public Relations – #SolarChat, May 22, 2013
Save the date for the next #SolarChat, May 22nd, when we will hold the second breakout discussion inspired by our March 11th#SolarChat on marketing, PR, and social media engagement in solar. This chat will be dedicated to exploring Solar Marketing and Public Relations.

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