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5 Tips to Rev Up 2015 Solar Marketing with Consultants

Few companies have enough talent on board 365 24/7 to actualize all their marketing goals. This is particularly true in the global solar industry, where budgets and human power will be stretched to the limit in 2015. A solar industry marketer since 2007, my experience informs these tips to help you rev up your 2015 solar marketing initiatives. This discussion centers on how best to use consultants to augment your marketing capabilities. There are many advantages to hiring the right marketing consultant.  Some of these include: The right marketing consultant can fast track your initiatives, tackling priority assignments [...]

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How to Reach and Acquire Residential Solar Customers

This post originally appeared on PV Solar Report. In residential solar, one thing is clear: we need to understand and listen to the customer. That may seem like obvious advice in any industry, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Solar customers come in many flavors. And based on what we heard from a panel on the subject at Solar Power International last week, most solar companies are not paying close enough attention to them. Reaching customers — education is key Nowhere was this better illustrated than with some highlights from extensive research by panel moderator Paula [...]

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20 Tips to Ace Your SPI ’14 Investment

Solar Power International is the jumping off point for an explosive and critical 2015 for solar in the U.S.  The Vegas based event shows every sign of being one of the most attended in recent years.  Use these tips to help ace your SPI investment and experience. These tips are provided to you by the solar marketing and social media pros, Glenna Wiseman and Raina Russo, of Identity3 and #SolarChat with contributions from @SPIConvention and @SolarBridgeTech.  Twitter handles and hashtags: @SolarChatTeam @GlennaWiseman @RainaRusso #SolarChat #SPICon Tips for Companies 1.  Articulate Strategy for the Show.  What are the goals and [...]

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Why Do We Need More Women in Solar?

This post originally appeared on Women in Cleantech and Sustainability There’s nothing like coming to the solar industry from publishing and high tech to highlight the issue of women in the workplace. I didn’t think about this much when most of my colleagues were women, and only now and then when about half of them were. But somehow, being part of the mere 18.7% of U.S. solar workers who are women makes you think about it a bit more. I’m not alone. The subject has been on a lot of people’s minds lately, not least at the recent [...]

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Identity3’s Glenna Wiseman to Curate Content for SolarWakeup

Solar industry business builder, Yann Brandt's popular SolarWakeup.com delivers a daily digest of news and commentary to subscribers interested in a short course of the solar industry's top news. The SolarWakeup recipe to deliver the day's top solar news read by solar pros has attracted a loyal and growing base of subscribers to the platform. 6 days per week over 2,000 solar professionals receive the daily SWu via e-mail newsletter, with more accessing the news via the website. The week of July 20th Glenna Wiseman of solar communications firm Identity3 will pinch hit for the vacationing Yann. If [...]

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Now Hiring: Why We Need a Diverse Solar Workforce, And How We Get There

This article originally appeared in Greentech Media. Erica Mackie of GRID Alternatives and Ahmad Chatila of SunEdison explain why gender diversity is so important in solar. July 7, 2014 Gender diversity is good business. There is ample research to show that companies with diverse leadership and staff perform better, are more profitable and have happier employees. A recent study by EY, a global business consulting firm, shows the positive correlation between gender diversity and financial performance in the power and utility industry. But the solar industry has even more reason to actively pursue gender diversity: to sustain growth [...]

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Solar O&M Tools for the Solar Investor

Originally appeared in Solar Power World Magazine. By Glenna Wiseman, Solar Power World Contributor Solar plant owners and investors face a daunting task calibrating all the levers of solar asset ownership to reap a strong ROI.  Our dialogue related to the operation, maintenance and management of solar photovoltaic plants now turns to the tools available to help investors manage dispersed solar assets across a worldwide, inconsistent and fluctuating solar landscape. Our Experts Edmée Kelsey (Kelsey) is the CEO of 3Megawatt, which provides solar asset management software to manage solar portfolio risk and reduce asset management costs.  BluePoint, the company’s [...]

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National Coalition Launches Solar Day of Action

Over 30 Groups and Millions of People Join Together to Celebrate Solar WASHINGTON, DC (June 20, 2014) -- This Saturday, the longest day of the year, millions of Americans will participate in the National #PutSolarOnIt Day of Action to show support for solar across the country. The day was organized by a national coalition of more than 30 leading environmental and energy organizations. Sixty-five events are registered and tens of millions of people will be reached online. 2014 has been a breakout year for solar. Solar power was the leading source of the nation’s new energy capacity in [...]

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2014 Trends: Solar Operations And Maintenance

This post originally appeared in Solar Power World Magazine. SunSpec Alliance Development Director Tim Keating caught the essence of the operations-and-maintenance (O&M) debate at Solarplaza’s March Solar O&M Conference in San Francisco. “We’re past the gold-rush portion of the solar boom,” Keating told the audience of 249 attendees. “Now that we’ve got all this solar installed, we need to answer the next question: How are we going to maintain it so it works for the long-term?” This is not a throwaway question. The industry has expanded so rapidly in recent years that developers often don’t think about including [...]

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Groups Announce Day of Action to Support Solar Energy and #PutSolarOnIt

Organizing for Action, Mosaic, The Solar Foundation, Solar Energy Industries Association, SolarChat, Vote Solar, NRDC, Interfaith Power & LIght, Sierra Club, Environment America, World Wildlife Fund, REVERB, The Climate Reality Project, Alliance for Climate Education, League of Conservation Voters, The Solutions Project This June 21st, the longest day of the year, a coalition of groups will come together in a National Day of Action to show support for switching to clean energy, fighting climate change, and the power of bringing solar power to communities all across the country. 2014 has been a breakout year for solar. Solar equipment [...]

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