Bill Nye, The Science (and Solar) Guy, Celebrates a Comeback!

Bill Nye, known to millions as “The Science Guy” celebrated what ABC News called “a comeback” this week. Acknowledging his 20 year anniversary of being on the air, ABC Evening News named Nye as Person of the Week in its 6.21.13 broadcast. The coverage included footage of his appearance at the Iowa State University graduation ceremonies earlier this week covered by New York Times, in the article, “Firebrand for Science, and Big Man on Campus.

Image credit: Disney Publishing Worldwide

Image credit: Disney Publishing Worldwide

Today his new app was named “App of the Week” by the technology review section of ABC News online. The app was released earlier this month by Disney Publishing Worldwide to celebrate the 20th year milestone of the “brainiac going on the air.”

To his nearly 1 million strong twitter fan base, this morning he tweeted out, “Been a wild week— thanks to all of you!”

To those of us in the solar industry, we can joyfully call him our “Solar Guy.” Nye has been a strong advocate of solar walking the talk in his own home in Studio City, CA. Last year the Wall Street Journal featured his home in a piece, “A Science Guy’s Place in the Sun,” documenting how Bill Nye keeps his home humming with solar panels, energy-efficient windows and a range of “green gadgets.”

Last month ramped up his discussion of solar energy with a new video, “The Sun,” on his YouTube science channel.  The solar related video “sheds light on solar flares, eclipses, sunspots, fusion, and solar energy, and visits an enormous solar energy farm outside Sacramento, California, to demonstrate how the sun is the source of energy for all living things on Earth.”

Bill Nye the Science guy with solar marketer, Glenna Wiseman

Solar marketer, Glenna Wiseman,
with the irreplaceable
Bill Nye, the Science Guy

This author had the pleasure of working with him directly in the summer of 2009 when Nye served as master of ceremonies for a host of dignitaries honoring  the iconic Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, CA, decision to go solar.  The solar celebration, “Sixty and Solar” event would not have been the same without Nye’s cheerful exuberance, calm demeanor and solar enthusiasm.

Many others can attest to Bill Nye’s support of the solar industry.  We thank him for the bright light he shines to accelerate the adoption of solar as a clean energy source on the planet.  It was wonderful to see him honored this week.  We salute you, Bill Nye, our “Solar Guy!”

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