Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 Named a 2018 Women of M2M Marketing by Connected World Magazine

Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 has been named a 2018 Women of M2M Marketing by Connected World Magazine.

Now in its third year, Connected World introduced a sister list to its annual Women of M2M/IoT compilation of 42 influential executives: The Women of IoT in Marketing. This marketing-specific list recognizes 10 female executives who direct the messaging that is key to just about every successful IoT adoption.

This year’s winning marketers work for some of the industry’s most powerful IoT companies, including: ARM, OpenFog Consortium, Schneider Electric, Itron, New Signature, Sierra Wireless, Mobile Mark, AT&T, and more.

“Identity3’s Glenna Wiseman, has delivered vibrant marketing for firms at every stage of the solar-supply chain, which is only one of the reasons she was named to the 2018 Connected World Women of IoT in Marketing list,” said Peggy Smedley, President/Editorial Director, Connected World Magazine.

The publication describes criteria for those named to the list as follows:

She has to be a storyteller. She has to be an innovator. She has to be creative. She has to be in an IoT (Internet of Things) marketer. She is a Women of IoT Marketing. Once again Connected World is pleased to celebrate and congratulate the 2018 Women of IoT Marketing for their stellar intuition, creativity, and business acumen.

Their unique marketing skills are clearly demonstrated by all of women chosen and their ability to hone in on a product or service’s unique strengths and the creativity to position these products or services to help their respective companies achieve remarkable success in a very dynamic way.

These powerful communicators see the value of pushing things to the edge and beyond; they embrace smaller, but faster experiences; they understand the power of embedding themselves into everything; they foster collaborative communities wherever they go; they are on constant quest for a smarter planet; and they understand inspiring others requires challenging others with creative marketing.

In some cases, they work with numerous companies via their own marketing/consulting firms. Regardless of the role they serve, these are the marketing professionals who bring technology solutions from behind the scenes into the digital forefront. All of these women journeyed the path of success to make digital transformation heard for their companies.

For more information see the publication here.


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