#MarketingSolar Webinar June 23

Dealer_marketing_energytrust_Putting_it_all_together_graphic_Twitter smallFor more information see the article published on Energy Trust of Oregon Insider Blog.

Register now for the Thursday, June 23 11 am PST webinar, “Putting It All Together: From assessment to tracking results, create the building blocks of your solar marketing program.”

This webinar is the final topic in the “Build It Bright” marketing solar training series by Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 working with Energy Trust of Oregon.

The webinar highlights key points critical to building your solar marketing program including taking stock, mapping strategy, campaigns and creative, efficient delivery and tracking results.

Solar Dedication Campaign Checklist Energy Trust of Oregon Identity3 TwitterThis Month’s Interactive Tool:  Solar Dedication Campaign Development
Download the checklist and campaign development tool to help you produce solar dedications and ribbon cuttings for nonresidential customers. The tool will help you track all aspects of a solar ribbon cutting campaign including a theme.

Why is a theme important for these kinds of events? A theme:

1) adds excitement and relevancy to your event campaign,
2) reinforces the client’s solar story,
3) creates a “rallying” call for everyone involved in the event,
4) acts as a cohesive element for all activities, and
5) guides the graphics and creative element development.

Use hashtag #MarketingSolar to follow on Twitter for live webinar chat.

Catch past webinars or podcasts online at www.energytrust.org/BusinessDevelopment.

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