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Project Description

The Company
Alectris delivers asset care innovation for the global solar industry. With our integrated suite of operations, maintenance and asset management services, award-winning software and retrofit technologies, we empower owners with full control of their portfolios to realize worry-free, high performing solar assets.

Scope of Work
Alectris became an agency client in September 2013, with an accelerated schedule to prepare them for initial Solar Power International 2013 sales meetings. We now create and execute their integrated marketing activities globally.

Marketing Services for Alectris


  • Competitive Landscape Review


  • Branding | Corporate Identity
  • Company Value Proposition Development
  • Tagline Development and Evolution
  • Content Marketing including Podcast Series and Promotion
  • Event and Sponsorship Evaluation, Development, Support
  • Global Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy and Development


  • Collateral
  • Icon System
  • Website
  • Video


  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Support
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media


  • Reporting and Analysis

Podcast | Content Marketing Sample

Video Development Sample

Alectris has built solid awareness quickly in it’s key new market, America. Global communications have been orchestrated to support new business development in all regions.

Content Marketing Samples
Example articles developed, placed and promoted include:
4 Big Problems with Solar PV Big Data, Solar Power World Magazine and Solarplaza, in concert with webinar production
Solar O&M Tools for the Solar Investor, Solar Power World Magazine and Solarplaza, in advance of the company’s participation in Solar Secondary Market, London Event
5 Considerations Shaping U.S. Residential and Commercial Solar O&M, Solar Power World Magazine part of a series of articles placed to support the company’s U.S. trade show market entry strategy.
Defining an Industry: Solar PV Operations & Maintenance versus Asset Management, Renewable Energy World, Solarplaza

Identity3 has assisted us in clarifying our strongest value propositions into the U.S. market including a new tag line for the company, collateral development and website recommendations. Glenna and her team have helped us identify and leverage key U.S. events as part of our American market entry. The Identity3 team continues to assist us with content development, public relations and social media – all strengthening our presence in the states and creating a consistent message in our global markets.”

-Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director, Alectris

Project Details