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Sixty and Solar Campaign

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Project Description

Campaign: Iconic Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, CA Celebrates 60th Birthday by Going Solar

This campaign was created and produced for HelioPower, where Glenna Wiseman was lead marketer for five years. It included digital/web, social media, live event and public relations activation channels.

From The Beatles to David Lynch to The Beach Boys, it seems like everybody who’s ever been anybody has indulged in a Big Boy meal at least a time or two, and fast-food pilgrims from all over the country wend their way to the Riverside Drive branch to take in the architectural sites and traditional diner fare. When Bob’s wanted to celebrate turning 60 years old by going solar, it knew there needed to be a big celebration involving community, business, solar, and charity stakeholders.

The campaign promoted solar installation firm, HelioPower and the sponsors involved including Canadian Solar, American Meat Company, Apffels Gourmet Coffee, Sysco Los Angeles and U.S. Foods. The official charity was Habitat For Humanity.

It also captured rich stories of Bob’s Fans from around the globe so they could be involved no matter their location. “Our 50th celebration gave us an opportunity to invite patrons to a parking lot beach party,” said Bob’s Big Boy owner Philip MacDonald. The MacDonald family has owned the Bob’s since 1949 and took over operations in 1993, the same year it was designated a California Point of Historical Interest. “In addition to going ‘green’ we are using the contemporary tools of a new generation to bring our fans together on the Internet. This campaign is a platform for our patrons to share their Bob’s memories online as well as come in and see us,” said MacDonald.

Project included:

  • Theme and Creative Development
  • Sponsor Sales and Support
  • Campaign Website Creation which gathered Fan Stories of their Bob’s Experience
  • Event Creation: Solar Dedication involving Stakeholder and Political Dignitaries MC’d by Bill Nye and Community Party
  • Press
  • Social Media
  • Point of Sale Materials to Promote Solar Referrals in Retail Location
  • Video Overview

Video Overview

Project Details