Client Profile Development

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Client Profile Development 2017-08-18T12:11:37-07:00

Project Description

A client profile or persona is an archetype of your most valued customer type. Through the process of defining and researching (i.e. interviewing your clients) we unearth information critical to understanding what content and keywords will attract more customers like the ones you have now.

Your clients went through a purchasing process before becoming your client. During that process they asked key buying decision questions. Most clients search online for information to answer those questions.

When we interview your clients we discover the key purchasing questions used by them to determine how and when they enter the market for your product or service, what research they do to determine if your firm is on the “short list” for consideration and what information shaped their decision to ultimately purchase from your firm.

Once we have these questions documented from several client interviews we can create content to answer these same questions in an upfront and helpful manner on your website, blog and through your email strategies.

Customer profile development will yield many positive benefits for your company including:

  • Deepen your understanding of your client types
  • Help you attract and maintain more customers like the ones you have currently
  • Build a dossier of customer testimonials to use for lead generation
  • Spark new marketing strategies and ideas to reach these customer types
  • Understand the questions your prospects ask along the purchasing pathway to develop effective content for all marketing activities
  • Inform your SEO online optimization with keyword content aligned with customer research

Project Details