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Reaching Prospects with Effective Content Marketing

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Project Description

Content marketing can bring focus and effectiveness to your online strategy.

Your content marketing campaign must align with your business objectives, including delivering leads appropriate for your growth. Promotional efforts to spotlight the content you have created and metrics to measure its success close the loop on your content marketing campaigns.

In a best case scenario, the process of creating an effective content marketing campaign starts with talking with your current customers. They are the key to authentic, helpful content to attract more customers.

Armed with the research and insights of your current customers, your content marketing campaign can include:

  • Purchasing decision information content
  • Client case studies and success stories
  • Messaging that highlights your marketplace identity and competitive advantages
  • Helpful information for your customer types
  • Relevant industry information
  • Blog and social media marketing ideas pertinent to your customer groups

Once the type and subject matter of the content is confirmed, how to deliver the content and what metrics will be used to measure content delivery constitute next steps.

Content can be delivered across many mediums including:

  • Website and blog material
  • Videos
  • Podcast series
  • White papers
  • PDF downloads
  • Digital marketing including email campaigns
  • Events

Finally it is important to note great content does not in and of itself attract the new customers you are seeking for your business. You need to get the word out and promote the availability of your content including getting feedback from your existing advocates.

A “closed loop” content marketing campaign will include promotion and metrics:

  • Social media promotional efforts
  • Press and media
  • Email and client communications
  • Establish key performance indicators, KPI’s
  • Track performance

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