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Project Description

This is an exciting time in the growth of the solar industry. It holds both challenges and opportunities in your ability to positively impact and grow your business through your dealer network.

You can make a real difference in their success by understanding their challenges, what they need in terms of marketing support and shaping marketing programs to enhance their success.

The Identity3 team has a very unique and powerful advantage in the area of dealer marketing. We bring to your aid years of experience on the dealer side.

Our holistic approach to dealer marketing programs includes understanding your dealer’s needs, leveraging company strengths to develop stronger dealer relationships, co-op program development, cross promotional campaigns and event promotions.

Glenna Wiseman, agency principal, is a solar industry marketing veteran who brings the dealer point of view to marketing communications. She has worked to build integration companies for more than 10 years:

  • Dealer marketing and consumer campaigns for AllEarth Renewables
  • Dealer education working with Energy Trust of Oregon
  • Social media dealer ongoing work for Mitsubishi Electric Solar
  • Dealer Empowerment presentations have been done for Solar Power International, 2014 and Enphase Energy.
  • Through Identity3, Glenna has worked with installation firms on website, client persona development and marketing strategies.
  • As the Vice President of Marketing for HelioPower, she created the company’s first marketing department.
  • Prior to HelioPower she co-founded an integration company in residential construction, called Home Tech Works. At HTW she worked with hundreds of homeowners directly, giving her highly valuable experience with the installer’s client base.

Wiseman’s experience related to dealer marketing includes:

  • Solar marketing since 2007
  • At HelioPower, was marketing lead from 2007-2012, assisting the company to reach 5x sales growth
  • Experience working with manufacturers to deploy co-op programs
  • Has worked with installers on both coasts
  • Author and speak on marketing and PR subjects to fuel installer growth

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