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PR used to be primarily a “one way” conversation – your press release out to the world.

Singularly the press release stood as the focused vehicle to drive media visibility. The opportunities presented by today’s web environment now showcase the press release as a multi-channel tool. The “DNA” of the press release destines it to generate press coverage but it is now evolved to heightened importance in a broader range of marketing initiatives.

A strong press release, in the context of a public relations campaign, drives content creation for online users, seeds the internet landscape with keywords critical to a company’s growth, drives traffic to a website, acts as fodder to fuel social media marketing and serves as an amplified voice for the company’s identity in off line and on line communities.

Now your public relations campaign can be a powerful strategy to communicate your corporate identity and develop conversations with your influencers including the media, constituents and clients.

Authentic identity messaging communicated via your “PR” effort can be a highly effective SEO tool. Public relations can deliver your message and build your brand following online. It can put your name and message in the places customers are instead of waiting for them to find you. It can drive traffic to your core website and internet sites, creating new leads and customers.

PR – it “ain’t what it used to be.” No, it is a whole lot more! Public relations is a powerful tool to build your business, one often under-utilized by your competitors.

Our team has comprehensive PR experience to serve you. Let’s put this strong communications tool to work for your brand.

Public Relations Services:

  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Solar PR
  • Press Release Development
  • Media Placement
  • Management Coaching

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