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Project Description

With a professional background that includes working in industrial “show business for business,” agency principal, Glenna Wiseman, is very experienced with video marketing and production management. Even before visuals became such a critical component of online identity and promotion, she was involved in the video production world.

Video Marketing Examples

Alectris ACTIS Solar ERP

Agency work included writing the script and providing input on the graphic development of this video for the client’s proprietary Solar ERP, an award winning solar operations, maintenance and management software tool, whose performance viability has been proved in hundreds of solar assets worldwide.




Solar Installation Related Work

While at HelioPower as the vice president of marketing, I created several videos, one of which has now generated nearly 34,000 views. “How to Read Your New Smart Meter” is a short, helpful video that assisted electricity customers in understanding how their new smart meter works.

Video can serve as a strong communication strategy. It can deliver helpful information to your constituents in ways you would not normally be able to reach them.

You can utilize video to tell your customer’s solar story and tie in a key business partner.

In the “Clay Roof Solar Time Lapse” video featuring HERO customer, Riverside County Supervisor Jeffrey Stone, we were able to demonstrate how a clay tile solar installation was constructed, showcase a key customer advocate and communicate the benefits of the HERO energy efficiency financing program.

Clearly articulating your marketing objectives, understanding your budget constraints and your promotional efforts before embarking on your video production are strong ways to create a successful video strategy.

A video marketing piece developed for The Bob’s Big Boy solar celebration was picked up
during the press work by the Auto Channel, a major online enthusiast destination.
By promoting to stakeholder groups of the client, in this case the automotive community
that honors Bob’s in Burbank as a travel destination, we were able to increase the pick
up of the video message.

Project Details