Word of Mouth Marketing

Referrals, Advocacy, Testimonials

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Project Description

Within your customer base are advocates of your business. These are the clients who are supportive and enthusiastic about your business and not afraid to tell others about it.

Identifying those clients who are advocates and creating a vehicle for them to speak on your behalf is part of our Identity3 service offering. Once identified, your advocates can become strong aspects of your word of mouth marketing and social media campaigns.

You can also encourage advocacy by offering customer referral programs by which you reward clients who introduce you to new clients.

HERO Client Solar Story, Produced for HelioPower

Advocate Development Example
Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone is a HelioPower client who utilized the HERO energy efficiency program to install solar on his home in Temecula, CA. By approaching him with a campaign to applaud his use of the HERO financing and HelioPower, we were able to create video, public relations and social media messaging to increase HelioPower’s lead generation efforts. At the same time the program increased awareness of the HERO financing program in the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) region.

Project Details