Marketing Solar to Women 2015-03-05T11:26:49-08:00

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Women face tremendous pressures in our society:

  • Women shoulder the majority of the responsibilities related to managing the family budget, whether in a multi or single income household.
  • Research bears evidence women care deeply about the environment and the future of their children and the planet.
  • Women focus on relationships and the need to model leadership for their children and communities.

solar women Identity3 cSolar has a unique and compelling opportunity to help women fulfill the roles they already have in our society.

Our research highlights the top reasons women go solar:

  • Financial / wanting to lower the utility bill;
  • Environmental benefits / solar is clean energy;
  • Community leadership / I’m being a local leader to do the right thing and
  • Family leadership/ I’m doing the right thing to model behavior for my children.

Our work as an industry needs to include understanding women better as unique consumer groups (with an S) and as consumers of solar.

We need to understand how to reach them where they “are” from a marketing and sales point of view, their role in the solar purchasing decision and how they make those purchasing decisions.

Win more female customers and empower them to tell their solar stories. Our services include comprehensive customer profile and journey development, thought leadership, content marketing, content placement, event coordination and lead generation programs.

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