Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women Survey Results Now Available from Identity3 2014-04-04T20:05:12-07:00

First ever solar industry survey directed to moms and female homeowners secures data from 34 states through social media driven campaign

April 3 (Los Angeles and New York)–Identity3, a leading woman owned communication firm in the solar and sustainability sectors, today announced the availability of full results from its “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women” national survey.  A solar industry first, the survey targets American moms and female homeowners to ascertain their primary reasons for considering solar and to understand their marketing preferences related to solar.  It garnered 270 responses from 34 states.

A cadre of solar industry professionals, prominent mom bloggers, and leading brand marketers worked together via social media to promote the survey.   In conjunction with #SolarChat (founded by Raina Russo) and solar industry marketing professional Glenna Wiseman, the mom- and women-oriented networks of and promoted the survey to as many American women as possible.  Russo and Wiseman have now joined forces as partners in Identity3 and to further the Women4Solar initiative birthed out of this compelling data.

The survey was cited in the “National Solar Jobs Census 2013” published January 2014 by The Solar Foundation® in concert with The George Washington University Solar Institute and the BW Research Partnership.

The report stated, “A recent #Women4Solar survey found that women represent the largest block of residential solar purchasing decision makers, suggesting that women are not only paying attention to industry trends but are driving adoption rates.”

According to leading marketing to women expert, Marti Barletta, 80 percent of women initiate home improvement projects. They are the CPOs or Chief Purchasing Officers, of the home. They control the family budgets and make or participate in the decision to go solar in over 90% of American homes. Women are the driving force behind the solar decision, and according to this Women4Solar research, women do not feel the solar industry is reaching out to them in techniques they will respond to or are speaking their language.

The survey follows the 5 Stages of Buying women use as outlined by Marti Barletta.  These stages have been reported to the solar industry via Solar Power World Magazine, in their article “What Do Women Really Want from a Solar Sale.”  Data from 20 questions was gathered according to these 5 stages of research, purchase and referral to inform both marketing and sales activities in the solar industry.

Initial results of the survey have been featured at Solar Power International 2013, the industry’s largest trade event and in numerous publications including CleanTechnica and PV Solar Reports.  The topic was recognized as one of the 10 Trends That Shaped the Solar News In 2013 by Solar Power World Magazine.   It was also the featured topic on #SolarChat 11/13/13. “Marketing Solar to Women” generated six million impressions drawing 177 contributors into the #SolarChat Twitter “room” and topping the Twitter charts nationwide.

Solar industry marketers are encouraged to purchase the survey and then participate in the upcoming #SolarChat to get further insights from the experts.  The survey will be discussed on #SolarChat April 9, 2014, where a host of leading marketing to women experts will be featured including Marti Barletta of Trend Sight, Leah Segedie of Bookieboo LLC and, Andrea Luecke of The Solar Foundation, Krystal Glass of The National Women’s Business Council and Glenna Wiseman of Identity3 and Women4Solar.  The panel will be moderated by Raina Russo, recently ascribed by The Energy Collective as a top 10 woman in solar.

A portion of the survey proceeds will go to Heather Andrews Scholarship Fund at Solar Energy International (SEI) to further its mission of women’s solar training. The SEI Women’s Program provides in-person, technical workshops in a supportive learning atmosphere to bring more women into the renewable energy field.

The survey is available for a small fee at

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