US Solar and #SolarChat to host Florida Women In Solar Energy event

This piece originally appeared in Solar Power World Magazine.

US Solar is excited to announce that they will be participating in a historic, national, round-table event Tuesday, February 24, 2015, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The event is #nationWISE and is a national event being organized by Women In Solar Energy (WISE) across 15 different cities in America. US Solar and #SolarChat will be hosting the Fort Lauderdale location at Grille 401.

The goal of the event is to facilitate important conversations about women in the solar industry. WISE states that: “A recent survey of the industry revealed that women only make up about 20% of the solar market and there is almost no data on the HR practices of solar companies around the country. As this workforce grows at such a fast a pace, the solar industry is in a unique position to lead the way on women’s issues.”

Alissa Jean Schafer, Marketing and Media Director of US Solar, is looking forward to co-hosting the #nationWISE event. “It is important for the solar industry as a whole to make time for thoughtful discussion regarding best-practices in developing and maintaining a diverse workforce.” Said Schafer. “The #nationWISE event is great opportunity to do just this. It is an especially exciting time for solar in the state of Florida. Our solar industry is bit ‘younger’ here, so now is the time to implement strategies that will allow the workforce to develop to its best potential.”

Raina Russo, founder of #SolarChat and Identity3 partner, has extensive experience in facilitating discussions targeting key issues in the solar industry, such as diversity. “Among the conversations #SolarChat has facilitated in the industry, my personal favorites have been the highly attended chats on the role of women in the solar decision making process and how we as an industry can better market to them. Our research at Identity3 highlights women as the ultimate CPOs (Chief Purchasing Officers), bearing the responsibility of initiating the solar conversation, doing the legwork and ultimately influencing or making the solar decision in the typical U.S. household. Igniting a conversation around advancing more women within the industry is absolutely key to raising the bar in solar on multiple fronts. I am honored to be a part of this #nationWISE movement and look forward to doing my part in ‘lighting’ up The Sunshine State.”

The roundtable is Tuesday, February 24, 2015. It will be held from 6-8 PM and Grille 401, located at 401 E. Las Olas Blv., Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Registration is free, and attendees can RSVP at:


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