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Your budget can very quickly be blown to bits without a strategic plan for community outreach.

A solid plan includes performance metrics and monitoring to measure the success of your social media and communication efforts.

First we need to evaluate where you are in your outreach efforts, what you want to achieve to fuel your growth and the constraints and opportunities provided by your existing team and budget.

In so many cases opportunities exist right in our immediate sphere of influence, including customers who would be willing to act as client advocates and business partners who would welcome affiliate marketing efforts.

The opportunity you have with Identity3 is to use us as an extension of your team and/or personal efforts.  With us on your side you can identify more clearly the groups within your community, on and off line, and reach out to them through programs that build your business successfully.

Community Marketing Example:  Former Redlands, CA mayor and current councilman, Jon Harrison, went solar with HelioPower.  Here he is espousing the solar installation, the place it serves in his energy efficiency strategy and the impact of solar savings on his upcoming retirement plans.

More information about our Identity3 video production services as part of your marketing strategy can be found here.